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Friday, August 10, 2012

Old School Friday - Unsung

I have not done an Old School Friday post in a while.  But since I recently finished school I have been catching up with my UNSUNG episodes on the DVR.  Let me just say that I absolutely LOVE Unsung because some of these groups are classic and timeless and definitely Unsung.  However when I watch Unsung I often get teary, heavy hearted, and emotional to see how the enemy has used and abused these people.  Make no mistakes PRIDE and GREED are tricks of the Devil.  Give the enemy NO foot hole, because He can slide in and devastate your life, steal your joy, and taint your gift! If you are not firmly rooted and grounded in God you will be deceived and lost in the music business.
Check out what UNSUNG has going on for the sixth season HERE!

BUT, Moving on to some good old school music. There is no set theme just some favorite artists from recent Unsung episodes. (That means I may jump from decade to decade!)

The Marvelettes
Don't Mess With Bill 

Please Mr Postrman 

Con Funk Shun
Love's Train

Baby I'm Hooked 

Atlantic Starr 
When Love Calls

Am I Dreaming


Touch A Four Leaf Clover

Send For Me

As you can see from the songs I posted I am partial to the Atlantic Starr group configuration which included Sharon Bryant.  Though Secret Lovers and Always were major hits I felt they were more commercial hits and I personally preferred the sound of Sharon Bryant over the sound of Barbara Weathers who was lead vocals on those two later songs. Which is why Secret Lovers and Always are not featured here.

For me THIS will always be ATLANTIC STARR!

Peace & Love All!

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