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Friday, April 29, 2011

Old School Friday "Happy Birthday Tammi Terrell & Duke Ellington"

IT'S FRIDAY, IT'S FRIDAY, IT'S FRIDAY, YEAAAAA!!!! These weeks are flying by pretty fast! It feels like I just did an Old School Friday post and here I am doing another one! So, well today is the birthday of the Beautiful TAMMI TERRELL (may she Rest In Peace) as well as the Fabulous DUKE ELLINGTON! Man oh man, such talent in both of these people.

Thomasina Winifred Montgomery, also known as Tammi Terrell was gone much too soon. Terrell born April 29, 1945, was an African-American singer and song writer and was one half of some of the most BEAUTIFUL love ballad/duets of the 70's. Best known for her duets with Marvin Gaye, Tammi died March 16, 1970, from brain cancer at the tender young age of 24. Learn more about Tammi Terrell Here. TVOne's UNSUNG did an episode on Tammi Terrell, check it out HERE.

All I Do Is Think About You - Tammi Terrell (yea, I Like Stevie Wonder's version, but I LOVE Tammi's version!)

Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Tammi Terrell & Marvin Gaye

Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, simply known as Duke Ellington, was an African-American composer, pianist, and Big Band Leader. Duke Ellington, born April 29, 1899 was a cornerstone of jazz music! The 1930's-1940's was the era of Big Band music and Ellington was certainly essential not only to Big Band swing but to the Harlem Renaissance movement! Ellington won numerous awards, including Grammys in the Jazz genre and Grammys in the composing category. Ellington was also awarded an honorary PhD from the Berklee College of Music. Duke Ellington died from lung cancer and pneumonia on May 24, 1974, he was 75 years old. Learn more about Duke Ellington HERE and HERE!
I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Big Band Swing music! Yes, I have a Big Band play list on my phone and my computer! I also have Duke Ellington CD!

Satin Doll - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra

Take The A Train - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra

How can you hear this and NOT be a fan????? This is CLASSIC!!!!

Have an AWESOME DAY! Enjoy the day that God has given us and do something WONDERFUL with it!

Peace & Love all!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Old School Friday "Happy Birthday Luther Vandross"

Another Friday is HERE!! And it looks like it is going to be a BEAUTIFUL DAY! Wednesday was the birthday of the late, great Luther Ronzoni Vandross (May he rest in Peace)! Luther was a singer, songwriter and producer who graced this world with his presence from April 20, 1951 – July 1, 2005. Luther was the smooth, velvety voice of an entire generation! he has numerous ballads and songs, too many to name here! To learn more about Luther Vandross go HERE and HERE! Enjoy the smooth sounds of ...LUTHER!

In 1980 I first fell in love with the voice of Luther Vandross as he sang with the group "Change"!
The Glow of Love - Change (Featuring Luther Vandross)

Then LUTHER went solo!! (Goodness KNOWS they don't make voices & artists like this anymore!)

Here And Now - Luther Vandross (LIVE)

A House Is Not A Home - Luther Vandross (LIVE)

Never Too Much - Luther Vandross

Have a Blessed Weekend All!
Life is Short, Tell Someone You LOVE Them Today ... AND MEAN IT!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Old School Friday "Happy Birthday Carmen McRae"

Another Friday has arrived and with everything going on in the world... Tsunamis, Wars, Governmental Shut downs, I think I will take a break and PRAY and then listen to some good music!

Today is the birthday of Jazz vocalist and pianist Carmen Mercedes McCrae. Born April 8, 1920 and died November 10, 1994, she was aged 74. This is "REAL DEAL OLD SCHOOL" right here! I know most of you all DO NOT know a thing about this!! Learn more about the LEGENDARY Carmen McRae right HERE!

The Very Thought Of You - Carmen McRae

When I Fall In Love - Carmen McRae

What A Little Moonlight Can Do - Carmen McRae

RIP, Carmen McRae!

OOOOO, WEEEEEEE! Know Your History!
That ...Was ... HOT!!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Old School Friday "Happy Birthday Gil Scott Heron"

Oooo, Yeaaaaa!!! Today is Friday!! Thanking God for my very life!...and for the Beautiful weather! LOL! So for Old School Friday, I am paying homage to Gil Scott Heron who is 62 years old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIL SCOTT HERON!!! Mr. Heron is an African American Poet, Author, and Musician. He often spoke, wrote and sang about the struggles of African Americans in America. His works are often controversial but always VALID! When I think of spoken word performances I always think of Gill Scott Heron first. I grew up listening to his music and still listen today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GILL SCOTT HERON!!! Continue your fight!

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gil Scott Heron

The Bottle - Gil Scott Heron

I cannot post Gil Scott Heron without posting this next song... It used to make me cry all the time. It doesn't make me cry anymore but my throat does constrict and eyes still get a little moist, but it does make me pause and think of my dad...(RIP Samuel Thomas Spencer, I Love you daddy...)
Your Daddy Loves You - Gil Scott Heron

Today is also the day that Marvin Gaye was shot and killed by his father (Still SMH over that one...) and since tomorrow is Marvin Gaye's birthday I am giving him an honorary mention.
What's Going On - Marvin Gaye

Happy Old School Friday All!
Love on Someone today!