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Friday, April 8, 2011

Old School Friday "Happy Birthday Carmen McRae"

Another Friday has arrived and with everything going on in the world... Tsunamis, Wars, Governmental Shut downs, I think I will take a break and PRAY and then listen to some good music!

Today is the birthday of Jazz vocalist and pianist Carmen Mercedes McCrae. Born April 8, 1920 and died November 10, 1994, she was aged 74. This is "REAL DEAL OLD SCHOOL" right here! I know most of you all DO NOT know a thing about this!! Learn more about the LEGENDARY Carmen McRae right HERE!

The Very Thought Of You - Carmen McRae

When I Fall In Love - Carmen McRae

What A Little Moonlight Can Do - Carmen McRae

RIP, Carmen McRae!

OOOOO, WEEEEEEE! Know Your History!
That ...Was ... HOT!!!!!

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