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Friday, January 28, 2011

Old School Friday "Traffic Jams"

Friday, Friday, Friday!! A LOVELY 70 Degrees outside, a little bit of change in my pocket and I am ready to RIDE!!!!
Today's Old School Friday theme is TRAFFIC JAMS!!
THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN SITTING IN A TRAFFIC JAM WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO GET SOMEWHERE... well maybe having to go to the bathroom but you are stuck in a traffic jam!
Anyway... Any time there is a traffic jam and I am sitting there 1 song always pops into my head but because of the year the song came out and because of the explicit content I will not post it here... BUT in case you are so inclined you can view it on youtube!!

#1 Traffic Jam song - Ludacris - Move BI%@H!!

This first song always reminds me of my paternal Grandmother, because she sang it all the time!! RIP Grandmother Spencer.

Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles

Low Rider - WAR

Happy Friday All!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Old School Friday "It's Cold Outside"

It's FRIDAY!! And it's COLD OUTSIDE! I think the only time I really mind being single is on those really cold nights...
But I have my secret TYRESE fetish to keep me warm........
DAMN........ this dude makes me ........ SMILE!

What Am I Gonna Do? - Tyrese

Sweet Lady - Tyrese

Signs of Love Making - Tyrese

Now if that didn't warm you up then nothing will!!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Old School Friday "Not Another Sad Love Song"

FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY!!!! I love when a plan comes together! It just so happens that I have a break from childcare today so I am happy!! Of course my happy mood is in direct contrast to the theme for today, which is “Not Another Sad Love Song”. Today's theme is explained as, "for the brokenhearted. Your mission is to choose a song that helps you deal with a heartache. The saddest most pathetic and depressing, break-up song your heart can imagine ".

So for the purpose of this theme I will alter my mood a little bit and post videos fitting of this theme....But then it is back to ENJOYING my childcare free Friday!!

Nothing Compares To You - Sinead O'Connor

and yes, because I love me some Marvin Gaye...
Here, My Dear - Marvin Gaye

And for the sheer nostalgia...
Too Much, Too Little, Too Late - Johnny Mathis & Deniece Williams

Peace & Love All!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Old School Friday - The Late Great Teena Marie!

Happy Old School Friday!!!!!
We have made it through the first full week of 2011! WHEW...Deep sigh.

But alas, Near the end of 2010, on December 26th, 2010 to be exact, we lost one of the most beautiful voices of my era. Mary Christine Brockert better known to her fans as "Teena Marie or Lady T" was found dead by her daughter Alia Rose on Sunday Morning, the day after Christmas and also the day after Alia's birthday. She was 54 and STILL commanded an audience!! Rest In Peace Teena Marie... today's Old School Friday is dedicated to you!

There are SO MANY HITS of Lady T's that I grew up with, and that I could post but I do not want to post the regular stuff that people always hear. Even though the commercial songs made her a hit in the music biz like, Square Biz, Fire & Desire, Lover Girl and Oh LaLaLa. But I think I'll post some
of the other songs we do not hear often... ENJOY!

My FAVORITE Rick & Teena duet is...

Happy - Teena Marie & Rick James

Once & Future Dream - Teena Marie & Rick James

We've Got To Stop (meeting like this) - Teena Marie & Ronnie McNeir

and to bring it home, a special impromptu performance!!(minutes 1:38-5:16)
Oh Baby Baby - Teena Marie & Howard Hewitt cover the Smokey Robinson classic!

Mary Christine Brockert, Teena Marie, Lady T

(March 5, 1956 – December 26, 2010)
May you rest in peace... Gone but Not Forgotten.