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Friday, January 28, 2011

Old School Friday "Traffic Jams"

Friday, Friday, Friday!! A LOVELY 70 Degrees outside, a little bit of change in my pocket and I am ready to RIDE!!!!
Today's Old School Friday theme is TRAFFIC JAMS!!
THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN SITTING IN A TRAFFIC JAM WHEN YOU ARE TRYING TO GET SOMEWHERE... well maybe having to go to the bathroom but you are stuck in a traffic jam!
Anyway... Any time there is a traffic jam and I am sitting there 1 song always pops into my head but because of the year the song came out and because of the explicit content I will not post it here... BUT in case you are so inclined you can view it on youtube!!

#1 Traffic Jam song - Ludacris - Move BI%@H!!

This first song always reminds me of my paternal Grandmother, because she sang it all the time!! RIP Grandmother Spencer.

Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles

Low Rider - WAR

Happy Friday All!!!


MrsGrapevine said...

I learn so much about you through your post, who knew you would play Ludacris. LOL!

Ray Charles makes perfect sense, can't believe I didn't think of that.

Low Rider takes me back to my not so good days. That song was played a lot here in Texas!

CCGroovy!!! said...

The LUDA Jam really is the perfect song for a Traffic Jam!!!

Happy OSF, Baby!!!

Hey Shae! said...

You know what's funny, whenever I take a road trip I double check that I have locked up the house, gotten everything and everyone into the car, then I take one last look and say, "Well, let's hit the road jack." You would think that song would have come to mind. LOL Nice choice. :)

Regina said...

Ms G, I often have that effect on people! Someone will see something I post on the blog or facebook and it will give them cause to pause.
I am almost impossible to define!