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Friday, August 5, 2011

Old School Friday "Ohio Players"

It is Friday evening and I am now in relaxation mode! I did a little grocery shopping, put away laundry, went and picked up my grandson, and attended an Ethics Committee meeting today. I think I had a pretty productive day so I am now going to listen to some old school jams and do some homework (There is a maybe on that homework option!!)!
I recently caught some missed episodes of Unsung, man oh man I LOVE that show! Today I am posting some Ohio Players! Most of the songs are of a sexual nature and when they came out (around 1975) I was about 9 years old. At 9 I knew nothing at all about sex but these are some of my favorite songs, smh, go figure! Back in those days there was not much music choices, there was no rap/hip hop in 1975, (first commercial rap song was Rappers Delight, which came out in 1979) it was all funk, gospel, or R&B. So Old School Music is buried deep in my psyche and I was told I was born with an old soul! LOL! My mother was a music lover and I stayed going through her albums! To learn more about the Ohio Players go HERE and HERE. Anyway, ENJOY!!!

My favorite Ohio Players song...... Sugarfoot (the lead singer) is putting in work!
Heaven Must Be Like This - Ohio Players

This next song has some killer horns!
Skin Tight - Ohio Players

Sweet Sticky Thing - Ohio Players

You gotta LOVE the 70's!!!
Love Rollercoaster - Ohio Players

Drum solo on a slow jam...sweet!!!!
I Want To Be Free - Ohio Players

Happy Friday All!!
Peace & Love!