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Friday, May 27, 2011

Old School Friday Gil Scott Heron Dies At 62

The below post from Friday April 1, 2011 is being RE-POSTED in honor of Gil Scott Heron who died today May 27, 2011. He celebrated his 62nd birthday last month but today he took his spoken word and went home to be with the Lord. He will be missed...

April 1, 2011 - Oooo, Yeaaaaa!!! Today is Friday!! Thanking God for my very life!...and for the Beautiful weather! LOL! So for Old School Friday, I am paying homage to Gil Scott Heron who is 62 years old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIL SCOTT HERON!!! Mr. Heron is an African American Poet, Author, and Musician. He often spoke, wrote and sang about the struggles of African Americans in America. His works are often controversial but always VALID! When I think of spoken word performances I always think of Gill Scott Heron first. I grew up listening to his music and still listen today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GILL SCOTT HERON!!! Continue your fight!

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Gil Scott Heron

The Bottle - Gil Scott Heron

I cannot post Gil Scott Heron without posting this next song... It used to make me cry all the time. It doesn't make me cry anymore but my throat does constrict and eyes still get a little moist, but it does make me pause and think of my dad...(RIP Samuel Thomas Spencer, I Love you daddy...)
Your Daddy Loves You - Gil Scott Heron

Happy Old School Friday All!
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Old School Friday "Happy Birthday Shorty Long"

HAPPY OLD SCHOOL FRIDAY!! It is an overcast, dreary Friday but the music plays on!
On this day in music history Mr. Frederick Earl Long (also known as Shorty Long) was born! Shorty Long born in Birmingham, Alabama on May 20, 1940 was an African American singer, songwriter,and producer for Motown. Shorty Long died June 29, 1969 in a boating accident.
Shorty Long is perhaps best known for his 1968 song "Here Comes The Judge". I must admit, I never knew of Shorty Long, and I always thought that FLIP WILSON actually made the song "Here Comes The Judge"! You live and you learn! Rest in Peace Shorty Long! Learn more about Shorty Long HERE!

Here Comes The Judge - Shorty Long

Function At The Junction - Shorty Long

Devil With The Blue Dress On - Shorty Long

Have an awesome weekend!
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Old School Friday "Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder"

HAPPY FRIDAY!! Isn’t it LOVELY, Isn’t is BEAUTIFUL!! (Yea, that is your hint!). Aside from praising God for LIFE, I am thanking God for beautiful music today. God has blessed so many with the beautiful talent of singing. He has also blessed some with the GIFT of being a singer, songwriter, and musician. Today’s Old School Friday is celebrating one of those “specially gifted” people. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Stevland Hardaway Judkins, also known as Stevland Hardaway Morris, BUT better known as STEVIE WONDER! Today Stevie Wonder is 61! Stevie Wonder, born May 13, 1950 in Saginaw Michigan, is an African American singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and instrumentalist. This musical genius has been blind since shortly after his birth but his musical gift developed far beyond expectations. Read more about Stevie Wonder HERE and HERE!


My Cherie Amour (Stevie Wonder)

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (Dianna Ross & Stevie Wonder)

This next song always reminds me of my teen years, living in Queens NY and going to Springfield Gardens High School. I had a best friend named Molina who used to come to my house and play this song every morning before school!

Ribbon In The Sky - Stevie Wonder




Friday, May 6, 2011

Old School Friday "Happy Birthday Lynn Whitfield"

HAPPY FRIDAY ALL!! Today is the birthday of the lovely and talented LYNN WHITFIELD! So today's Old School Friday selections are songs that were featured in movies that Ms Whitfield has been in! This woman has a very long and impressive filmography. Check out her work listing HERE!
Lynn Whitfield, an African American actress, was born Lynn Butler-Smith of Baton Rouge, Louisiana on May 6, 1953. Lynn Whitfield appeared in the 1982 film adaption of Ntozake Shange's play "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf". she has also appeared in movies such as Eve's Bayou, The Josephine Baker Story, Thin Line Between Love and Hate, and a host of other works. To learn more about Lynn Whitfield go HERE and HERE.

Thin Line Between Love & Hate - H-Town featuring Shirley Murdock & Roger Troutman
(From the movie Thin Line Between Love and Hate)
I prefer the original, however, I love Shirley Murdock & Roger Troutman on this version!

A Child With The Blues - Erykah Badu & Terrence Blanchard
(From the movie Eve's Bayou)

Sunday Kind of Love - Etta James
(From the movie Eve's Bayou)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lynn Whitfield!!

HAPPY FRIDAY ALL! Tell someone you love them today!