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Friday, July 29, 2011

Old School Friday "PRINCE"

Happy Friday!!! TGIF!
On this day in music history in 1978, PRINCE aka (Prince Rogers Nelson, born June 7, 1958) FIRST appeared on the US music charts with his hit song "Soft & Wet"! He has, and still is enjoying a very productive, lucrative, and very creative musical career! To learn more about Prince, go HERE and HERE! ENJOY!
So Today is PRINCE Day!
We all know how the Purple One despises all things YouTube so you better watch them now while you can!

Soft & Wet - Prince

The Beautiful Ones - Prince

Insatiable - Prince

I Would Die For You - Prince

I'll stop now because I do not want to be threatened with legal action!

Happy Purple Friday!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Old School Friday "The Whispers"

Well, today is FRIDAY! The day is over and it is now RELAXATION time for most! I am feeling the WHISPERS today! I had no clue that the two twins, Walter and Wallace Scott were from Fort Worth Texas! Wow, you learn something new every day! The Whispers have a very long history going back to the early 60's BUT I think this group needs an Unsung episode! To learn more about the Whispers go HERE and HERE! The Whispers recently released a gospel album titled "Thankful". Wow, what you know about that!!!

This first song is so sad and always made me thing of those lost in the big city...
(Olivia) Lost and Turned Out - The Whispers

(Lets Go) All The Way - The Whispers

The Beat Goes On - The Whispers

It's A Love Thing - The Whispers

Rock Steady - The Whispers (You KNOW you was doing this ROCK dance!!!!)

And of course... Last but not least!
Lady - The Whispers

LOL! While on youtube I came across at least 5 more Whispers jams that I like but of course that is WAY too many to post here!! I got a little carried away but man you CANNOT FIND GOOD MUSIC like this today!

Happy Friday All!
Stay Blessed!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Old School Friday Happy Birthday Kevin Bacon!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! It is Friday and I am feeling FOOTLOOSE! In honor of Kevin Bacon whose birthday is today (HAPPY 53rd BIRTHDAY KEVIN BACON!!!). I am posting a video from one of my favorite movies! Kevin Bacon at his best .... FootLoose movie starring Kevin Bacon, song by Kenny Loggins!

FootLoose - Kenny Loggins

Happy Friday!!
Peace & Love!!