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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Old School NOT Friday! Angela Bofill

Hey There Everyone!
I have not done an Old School Friday post in a few weeks, so I figured today was a good day for one! YES, I KNOW TODAY IS NOT FRIDAY!!! That is just a technicality!  ANY DAY is a god day for music! Actually, late last night I was watching the television show "UNSUNG" and the show was spotlighting  the incomparable Ms. Angela Bofill.  This Cuban and Puerto Rican born percussionists, musician, and songstress suffered to debilitating strokes and is still full of love and life. I think there is no better person to showcase, what an amazing story and amazing woman! So, yea, I just had to feature her today!  If you have no clue who Angela Bofill is find out more about her HERE and HERE!

So today I spotlight Ms. Angela Bofill!

I Try - Angela Bofill

I'm On Your Side - Angela Bofill (The 80's at it's BEST)

This Time I'll Be Sweeter - Angela Bofill

Angel Of The Night - Angela Bofill

Under The Moon And Over The Sky - Angela Bofill

One Love!

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