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Friday, February 22, 2013

Old School Friday - Are You Satisfied?

MY, MY, MY! It has been a long minute since I last posted an old school Friday post!  I was going through my Nancy Wilson and Marvin Gaye playlists this past week and they both do a rendition of one of my favorite songs so I figured I would post them!
Even though the song is the same they both add some something different and you come away with a different meaning and different feel from the two.  But no matter which version you prefer BOTH are FABULOUS!  I guess I should mention that there were a few other people who also did a version of this song but Nancy Wilson and Marvin Gaye are BY FAR my favorite versions.

Just To Keep You Satisfied - Marvin Gaye

Just To Keep You Satisfied - Nancy Wilson

Just to Keep You Satisfied - The Originals (Another AWESOME version)

Just To Keep You Satisfied - Howard Hewett (Hmmm, not one of my favorites...)

Love, and Kisses All!
Happy Friday!

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