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Friday, November 9, 2012

Old School Friday "RIP Major Harris"

Well Friends, Friday is just about over and I have not posted in a while due to my work hours BUT I could not go to bed without acknowledging the passing of a Philadelphia Great.
I found out a little while ago that MAJOR HARRIS one of the powerhouse voices of the Delfonics. As well as a solo artist has died.  Major Harris born February 9, 1947 died today at the age of 65 from congestive heart and lung failure.
I was talking to a coworker today about how I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Old School music and those of you who have visited my Old School Music spot KNOW that I was raised on music, so I like to celebrate those who were instrumental in my musical journey. Growing up, the Delfonics were (and STILL are) one of my favorite groups, so I am shocked an appalled that the passing of Major Harris was barely mentioned.
So, Major! This post is for YOU!!
To learn more about Major Harris go HERE.  To read the news story about his passing go HERE.

A Hands Down Classic!! Sung by the Original!

Love Won't Let Me Wait - Major Harris

I Believe In Love - Major Harris

Remember the HEY LOVE Cassettes back in the early 80's? YES INDEED I had a copy (Made a baby on that... but anyway...!)
Hey Love - Delfonics

RIP Major Harris! You contributions to the legacy of AWESOME MUSIC will NOT be forgotten!


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CCGroovy said...

Been MISSING YOU, Mama!!!

I know YOU know 'bout some Major Harris.