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Friday, November 18, 2011

Old School Friday - Tavares

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! I am ready for some RELAXATION!!  I have scrubbed my bathroom, hung new curtains, done laundry and now I want to hear some good OLD SCHOOL MUSIC!!!
While I was cleaning the bathroom a song came on Pandora that took me back to my childhood.  Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel!!!  So I am featuring the group TAVARES today!!! This group is definitely UNSUNG!!  Learn more about the group Tavares HERE and HERE!

I think this first song is my favorite Tavares song (even though I was 7 when it came out!!!)
Chaeck It Out - Tavares


Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel - Tavares

Never Had A Love Like This Before - Tavares

She's Gone - Tavares

HAPPY FRIDAY ALL! Enjoy the Weekend!
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Happy Thanksgiving!

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CCGroovy!!! said...


A lot of folk that consider themselves to be conneisseurs of vintage sounds still sleep on Tavares.