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Friday, November 4, 2011

Old School Friday "Happy Birthday Harry Elston"

Oh Friday, how I Love Thee...
Well here we are at another Friday and it is a bit cold here in Texas. I am refusing to turn on my heat because my electric company is absolutely HORRENDOUS (Just because you are"serving" green energy does not mean I should be paying the highest prices available)! So today I am buying wood for the fireplace so that my family does not freeze to death! Any way, I digress!
Cool weather means baking, cooking, and of course GOOD MUSIC! So of course me being an old school lover, I had to find something really good today to go with my fire in the fireplace! And I found it... Today is the 73 birthday of Harry Elston! Name not ringing a bell? How about if I say, today is the 73 birthday of Harry Elston, singer of The Friends of Distinction!! By the way, Harry Elston was born right here in Dallas, Texas! Oh yea, if you love old school music then I know you love Friends of Distinction! Learn more about the Friends of Distinction HERE and HERE!

Now for the music...

Going In Circles - Friends of Distinction

Grazing In The Grass - Friends of Distinction

I Really Hope You Do - Friends of Distinction

Happy Friday All!
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