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Friday, October 15, 2010

Old School Friday "Heatwave"

Happy Old School Friday everyone!
Thank God for the weekend! Theses weeks are getting longer and longer, so I need to get all I can out of my weekends! So let's kick it off with some good Old School Music!!

I recently watch Unsung *HEATWAVE*. Let me tell you there were things that I had no clue about in reference to the group Heatwave. If you are not watch UNSUNG on TVOne then you are certainly missing out. Unsung gives us the history of and the behind the scenes stuff on some of our favorite musical groups and personalities. The majority of the groups and singers highlighted by TVOne's Unsung are the ones that did not go as far or as high as we (the listening public) thought they should. The stories are often times sad or tragic, but very entrancing. I have missed quite a few of them because I very rarely watch TV and often forget what is coming on that I wanted to see. So I finally got smart and set the DVR (since I am paying ridiculous prices for the service!) so that when I am not bogged down with school work or Childcare obligations I can sit back, relax, and check it out. Check your local listings for TVOne's Unsung!

Okay, on to the music! HEATWAVE!!

Even though people say that "Always & Forever" was Heatwave's best ballad, My ALL TIME FAVORITE Heatwave ballad is "Mind Blowing Decisions"!

Mind Blowing Decisions - Heatwave

Boogie Nights - Heatwave

Girls - Heatwave

Always & Forever - Heatwave

{*side note* - The organ player Rod Temperton is an English songwriter who went on to write and compose songs for Rufus & Chaka Khan, Tamia, Quincey Jones, Donna Summer, Patti Austin and many, many more. But perhaps Temperton is most known for his work with Michael Jackson, most notably the "Off The Wall" & "Thriller" albums.}

Well, folks ... There you have it, HEATWAVE!!

Have a Fabulous weekend!

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