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Friday, January 27, 2012

Old School Friday - Let's Get High!

IT'S FRIDAY and you don't have nothing to do so I'm gonna get you HIGH TONIGHT!!! (Said in my best "Smokey" from Friday voice)  I of course mean high on MUSIC because that is what Old School Friday is all about!

So since I am talking about a MUSIC HIGH today, what type of song gives YOU that euphoric feeling?

Of course when I think of the word HIGH this song immediately comes to mind...
Natural High - Bloodstone

Of course I could also go this route...
Higher Than This - Ledisi (Yes, I know this is not old school!)

Of course when others think of getting high and songs, this probably immediately comes to mind...
Mary Jane - Rick James

What gives you that musical high?


1 comment:

CCGroovy!!! said...

THIS Here is one mo' reason why I Loves Me Some U!!!

I Got High with U, now come on over to my place.